Cro-Magnon man

Cro-Magnon man
Cro-Magnon man UK [ˌkrəʊ ˌmæɡnən ˈmæn] US [ˌkroʊ ˌmæɡnən ˈmæn] noun [uncountable]
a member of an ancient people who lived in Europe from 30,000 to 50,000 years ago
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Cro-Magnon man 7 [ˌkrəʊ ˈmænjɒ̃ mæn] [ˌkrəʊ ˈmæɡnən mæn] [ˌkroʊ ˈmænjən mæn] noun uncountable
the earliest form of modern human in Europe. Cro-Magnon man first appeared about 35 000 years ago.
Word Origin:
[Cro-Magnon man] Cro-Magnon, the name of a hill in the Dordogne, France, where remains were found in 1868.

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